Mouse Computer LuvPad WN701

Mouse Computer LuvPad WN701 Rugged Windows Tablet

Mouse Computer LuvPad WN701
Mouse Computer Japan has announced the new LuvPad WN701, a ruggedized tablet that is splash-proof and shockproof plus it comes pre-installed with Windows 7 OS. The tablet comes with IP44 certification, meaning it has the ability withstand water splashes and will also survive a 70cm drop, which should be enough protection if it accidentally falls out your lap.

The tablet comes equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display that offers a 1024×768 pixel resolution, it is powered by an Intel Atom Z650 processor, there’s a 32GB SSD and 2GB of RAM. The 7-incher also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of Hotspots since it seems to lack 3G connectivity.

Mouse Computer plans to launch the LuvPad WN701 ruggedized windows tablet in Japan this April and will cost you about 49,000 Yen which is approximately $596 in US currency.

[via AkihabaraNews]

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