Mozaex BluWaves 7.1 HD Headphones with Blu-ray 7.1 HD Audio Support

Mozaex recently unveiled their new BluWaves 7.1 HD Headphones, the first headphones in the world to support Blu-ray 7.1 discrete HD audio.

Mozaex BluWaves 7.1 HD HeadphonesThey also happens to be some of the most expensive headphones in the world as well, the BluWaves 7.1 HD Headphones were designed and developed with 10 discrete integrated speakers, they all have EQ levels that can be adjusted and there’s a vibration subwoofer that delivers sound waves you can hear and feel.

The Mozaex BluWaves 7.1 HD Headphones are aimed at gaming enthusiasts, audiophiles to watching movies in your home theater. It supports L PCM, DTS-HD Master, and Dolby TrueHD Audio plus it also promises bit rates of up to 27Mbps.

If price isn’t a factor for you, then you might want to give the BluWaves 7.1 HD Headphones a try, they retail for a price between $1295 and $2595 for the headphones and receiver.

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