Mozilla MatchStick Streaming Stick is Chromecast Alternative

Mozilla has announced its alternative to Google’s Chromecast, which has been dubbed the Mozilla MatchStick that will run the companies FireFox OS. The Mozilla MatchStick works just like the Google Chromecast does, simply plug it into the back of your television via an HDMI port, it then connects to your WiFi network and stream connect to your TV.

Mozilla Matchstick
According to Mozilla, the MatchStick is a small, WiFi-connected HDMI stick that plugs into your HDTV or HD Monitor that lets you stream and interact with your favorite stuff from the Internet – movies, TV, music, games, and more! You can even use it in a conference room to get presentations or other media from your laptop to an HDTV.

The team behind the device have been working closely with Mozilla on developing the device, it will be funded via kickstarter and they will need to raise $100,000 to put the device into production.

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