MSI Butterfly And Angelow All-in-one PC Concepts

MSI AIO Butterfly And Angelow All-in-one PC Concepts
At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2011, MSI announced two new All-In-One PC concepts which they are calling the MSI’s Butterfly And Angelow. The MSI Butterfly will be the first All-In-One computer to use 10-point multitouch display, than the regular two-point touch found on most of them, it will feature a movable touchscreen with the ability to slide up and down for comfortable viewing. The MSI Angelow All-In-One PC will come with a small auxiliary display unit, both computers will also come with a 7-inch Media Player that can be used to access content wirelessly from the computers. There is no word on when these units will be released onto the market.

MSI Angelow AIO Computer

Source: TechFresh

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