Myvic electronic Cigarettes makes it healthy to smoke

Electronic Cigarette
Myvic gives you the next generation of smoking, it gives you all the pleasures of smoking with no risk attached. The Myvic Electronic Cigarette consists of 4 components: battery, atomizing device, Myvic Refill and an LED indicator.

This electronic cigarette not only gives you the same pleasure of smoking a regular cigarette but it also gives you what a regular cigarette cannot. The benefits of the Myvic Cigarette are, no lung cancer, No Tar, No Bad Breath, No Stained Teeth, No passive smoking, no risk of fire and it increases your performance.

It is rechargeable and one refill will last for around 30-60 ‘smoking’ sessions or 300-600 mouthfuls, depending on individual smoking habits. There are 4 levels of nicotine concentration: high, medium, low and zero. High Refills contain 18mg nicotine, Medium 14mg, Low 11mg and Zero have no nicotine content. The refill should be opened and attached to the atomizing device, after that it is recommended that the Refill is used within two weeks.


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