My N3RD App allows you to control any Device from your phone

The team over at Wild Hare LLC started by designer Rob Dorrell has an application for your smartphone called My N3RD, which has the ability to control devices around your home and more using a smartphone or tablet. The app was designed and developed to control any device from your smartphone without the need for an internet connection or router.

my n3rdThe team has released a promotional video which demonstrates what the My N3RD app can do for you. The current version of My N3RD only supports iOS but there’s an Android version in the works which could be released later this year. Once you configure the app, it can be used as a standalone without any further interactions.

My N3RD turns your smartphone into a remote control for every gadget, vehicle and appliance you own. It works with the My N3RD app to upgrade ANY switch into a wireless controlled, programmable, and automatic smart switch, updating all of your devices into intelligent connected ones.” … Dorrell explains.

The project seems to works as shown in the video above, however its not available on the market as yet. The team is now seeking pledges on Kickstarter website to jump into production. If you like the concept and think it could be beneficial to you, then make your pledge and make it a reality.

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