Navigon 70 Easy and 70 Plus Live GPS Devices

Navigon 70 Easy GPS Navigation
Navigon has two new GPS devices from its 70 series which includes the 70 Easy and 70 Plus Live GPS Navigation devices. Both devices comes equipped with a STMicroelectronics’ Cartesio STA 2064 processor, GPS chipset and runs the Windows CE 6.0 OS. The differences between both devices is that the 70 Easy features a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, it comes with 64MB of RAM and 2GB of internal storage while the 70 Plus Live gets a 5-inch touchscreen display, 128MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. Both device comes with a few features which includes Active Lane Assistant, NAVIGON My Best POI, NAVIGON MyRoutes and Reality View Pro AND Traffic Message Channel. The 70 Plus Live is a little more advanced with text-to-speech support and Piont-Of-Interest import functions. The Navigon 70 Easy and the Navigon 70 Plus Live is presently available for the price of 149 euros and 229 euros, respectively.

Navigon 70 Plus Live

Source: Navigon

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