NEC LaVie Z Ultrabook Launched in Japan

NEC LaVie Z Ultrabook
NEC has officially launched its LaVie Z Ultrabook which was announced in early May and then again in June.

The company just again announced the launch of the Ultrabook that will be available in two different configurations, the PC-LZ750HS and PC-LZ550HS which both features a 13.3-inch widescreen display with a 1600×900 resolution plus a lithium-magnesium alloy frame which is even more lighter than before, it weights just 875g instead of the 999g previously announced!

The device is powered by the user’s choice of an Intel’s Core i5-3317U with a 128GB SSD which will go for the price of 135, 000 Yen or a more powerful configuration which is powered by Intel’s Core i7-3517U with 256GB of SSD that will go for the price of 165,000 Yen. Both configurations comes running the Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and the PC-LZ750HS and PC-LZ550HS comes with 4MB and 3MB of cache memory, respectively.

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