NEC V321 LCD display for Digital Signage Applications

NEC V321 value-driven LCD display
NEC introduces the new value-driven 32-inch V321 LCD display ideal for customers with robust runtimes in restaurants, corporate lobbies and conference rooms. The V321 is one of the latest units in the NEC V Series, which was designed with small businesses in mind, for those applications that require commercial-grade technology on a limited budget. Therefore for a price of $649 you get a 32-inch LCD display with a 1366×768 HD resolution, an SPVA panel with contrast ratio from 800:1 to 3000:1, 450cd/m2 brightness, reduced number of CCFLs, Picture in Picture (PIP) and Picture On Picture (POP) modes and advanced cooling fan-based technology.

The NEC V321 also supports video walls of up to 25 displays in a 5×5 configuration using TileMatrix, which is an improvement from the 4×4 capability in the MultiSync LCD3215. There is a built-in scheduler, which allows for advanced scheduling of content and powering of the display, saving time and energy costs, the ability to adjust the color at a 6-axis level, protective and touch glass ready plus HDMI, DVI-D, 5 BNC (RGB/HV, DVD/HD or composite video), 15-pin D-sub, S-Video and composite video in/out. The V321 will be available for April 2010 shipment with a a 3-year parts and labour warranty.

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