Netflix now testing new Subscription Service for $6.99

Netflix offers video and movie streaming for a monthly subscription fee of $7.99, which allows you to what your favorite TV series or selected movies on two screen, either in standard definition or high definition.

We can all agree that $7.99 is a pretty good price, for having the ability to watch your favorite shows on demand, but if you were looking for a cheaper alternative, Netflix is looking to offer even cheaper subscription fees at $6.99.

netflixThe new subscription service gives you the ability to streaming your movies and tv shows just the same, however it would only be in standard definition. Netflix stated that this new service is currently in testing and will only be offered to select customers for now before the company plans on making it available to a wider audience.

According to a report by The Verge, they are claiming that the subscription plan can be found after signing up for one month of free streaming, that’s when the option is made available to you.

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