Netronix PocketBook 602 e-Book Reader approved by the FCC

PocketBook 602 e-Book Reader

The FCC has hinted us of an upcoming ebook reader from Netronix. It is the Pocketbook 602 e-Book Reader that comes with a 6-inch e-ink display and packs the power of a Freescale ARM11 532MHz processor with a custmized Linux OS running in the background.

The Netronix Pocketbook 602 supports optional WiFi, 3G/3.5G mobile, and Bluetooth connectivity for on the go downloading of content. The Pocketbook 602 also supports a few ebook formats including PDF, ePUB, FB2, HTML, TXT, PRC, MOBI, RTF, DOC, JPG and even plays MP3 for your entertainment purposes. No pricing details has been found but we are keeping our eyes open.

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