New BlackBerry Smartphones won’t get offered in Japan

If you reside in the “land of the rising sun” and you are really digging the new blackberry 10 operating system and the handsets running the platform, then you will find it disappointing that RIM doesn’t plan to offer the new BlackBerry 10 devices on your side of the globe.

BlackBerry Z10The Canadian-based company have noted that it would stop selling smartphones in Japan, the news was confirmed with All Things D this week that it was pulling out of the Japanese market, for a temporary time period. A BlackBerry spokesperson said that Japan is not a major market for the company and it has no plans to launch BlackBerry 10 devices within Japan.

Even though the new BlackBerry 10 devices were only recently launched, early reports indicates that BlackBerry is doing well in the UK and Canada with its new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones, plus the BB10 handsets are headed to other countries including the United States.

Its no surprise that BlackBerry decide not to offer their new smartphones in Japan, as All Things D reports that the company’s market share within Japan has declined so much that it’s no longer listed by name in the comScore smartphone market survey for Japan.

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