New Sony Vaio P coming soon?

Sony Vaio P
There could be a new version to the Sony Vaio P out soon, there was a leak that the Vaio P ultra portable computer could be getting upgraded really soon.

According to SonyInsider, they have found several new model numbers for a new Sony VAIO P, which could be a hint that there will be new colors and improvement in the computer’s specs. The new model numbers are the VGN-P710T/B, VGN-P710T/R, VGN-P710T/G, VGN-P710T/W and a possibility of a VGN-P730A/Q and VGN-P730T/Q.

There are many questions been asked at the moment, What Colors? How Much more RAM? but guess what we have no idea we will just have to wait and see whats happening.


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