New Super Mario Bros Wii has 4 Player co-op

New Super Mario Bros Wii
One of my most favorite games of all time and one of the most enjoyable game ever made has just made its way onto the Nintendo Wii Console. Mario, Luigi, Toad are back to rescue Princess Peach once more from the Koopa clan, and the creators also surprised us with a multiplayer function which allows up to 4 players to play the game simultaneously. Now each player can do their own thing on the same screen, you can also compete to see who can hog the most coins. Although it borrows elements from just about every previous Mario game, some may find its resolutely retro approach a missed opportunity for a character and console so obviously capable of more.

If you are a fan of the previous Mario series, then you will have no problem playing the new Super Mario Bros for the Wii. It may be the most difficult Mario games so you may need the extra help of your three other friends. The Super Mario Bros will be released on November 20th. See a full trailer after the jump

New Super Mario Bros Trailer

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