Richard Nicoll Mobile Phone-Charging Handbag

Nicoll Richard Recharging Tote Bag with built-in charger

Richard Nicoll Tote Bag
I practically told all my friends about the Powerbag the first time I saw it, and I know all the girls will be talking about the new Richard Nicoll recharging tote bag with built-in charger for smartphones by fashion designer Nicoll Richard.

The pocketbook was announced by the designer during London Fashion Week and was designed specially for females seeking a solutions to keep a fully-charged battery while on the go. The bag has a pocket where the charging device is embedded, it will charge your Blackberry, iPhone and Android Smartphones, on the outside the design added a stylish indicator that flashes when the phone inside being charged is getting a call or text message.

Richard Nicoll Mobile Phone-Charging Handbag
The bag looks just like any fashionable female handbag and will carry the same cosmetics, keys, documents and personal items as any other handbag you have ever owned. The Women charger bag comes in an elegant white color and is expected to hit the market by the end of spring 2012, no pricing details found.

Nicole Richard Fashionable Handbag

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