Nike+ FuelBand SE now available in new colors with Bluetooth 4.0

Sports-brand giant Nike, has just announced the latest sequel to its series of fitness-oriented wearable device, the Nike+ FuelBand SE. The new wearable fitness device looks identical to its predecessor but comes in additional colors, unlike the previous model.

Nike+ Fuelband and iOS AppThe Nike+ FuelBand SE comes in the colors of black with total crimson (a mix of orange and red), pink foil or volt (a yellow and greenish neon) accents. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a double tap function which brings up the time whenever the home button is tapped.

According to the press release for the FuelBand SE, the new model features a much better form of tracking, the unit can now identify actual movement better, rather than counting things like ambiguous wrist flicks plus it also has better flexibility and weather sealing.

Nike+ Fuelband SE new colorsHowever, the device wasn’t the only item that got some tweaking, the iOS app that accompanies the device also got some proper house cleaning.

In addition to the numerous changes on the iOS app, there’s also the option to share you fitness goals with your friends across social networks using a centralized Group feature.

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