Nike launches its Nike+ API Developer Site

Fitness enthusiasts and health conscious consumers will probably be happy to know that Nike has just opened its Nike+ API developer site, so if you own any of Nike+ range of exercise devices you will be getting way more advanced features in future updates or their upcoming Nike+ devices.

Nike+ APIThis gives developers the opportunity to retrieve data generated by Nike’s FuelBands, and also gives users resources that they need to combine their metrics and activity data. The Nike+ platform gives select partners access to the real activity data captured by the Nike+ FuelBand and Nike+ Running devices, used by millions of Nike+ users,” Nike said.

We can expect to see a lot of apps and games for Nike+ users in the near future, in addition to the launch of its Nike+ API Developer Site, the company also announced its Nike+ Accelerator program, a plan to support companies that are planning to “use Nike+ technology to create products and services that will inspire athletes across a broad range of activity and health goals.”

[Source: Nike Developer]

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