Nikon announces New Photo Sharing Service

Nikon Image Sharing ServiceNikon has just announced that it will be launching a new photo sharing service called Nikon Image Space, which was created as a replacement for their existing offering called “my Picturetown”. The camera makers announced that they will launch the new photo sharing service starting on January 28th and will provide a free service to users providing the ability to easily upload and share photographs.

Once the service launches users will be able to choose between two accounts, a “basic” account that provides 2GB of free storage and then there’s a more advanced package for Nikon camera owners that will provides users with 20GB of storage, once you have completed an online application form to verify your Nikon hardware.

The more advanced package also provides advanced options which includes the ability to add password when sharing images, as well as tools to restrict image downloads. If you a Nikon camera owner, you can claim your space when the service launches on January 28th.

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