Nikon D810A

Nikon D810A DSLR Astrophotography Camera Announced

Nikon D810A
Nikon has announced its new D810A DSLR camera, a special version of its D10 SLR series which was announced last year. The new special version camera is aimed at photographer who specializes in starshooting, the company even when on to say that it’s “not recommended for general photography”, because of its modified infrared filter that may distort colors on regular shots.

The Nikon D810A also comes with features aimed at pro and amateur astrophotographers, it comes with a tweaked 200-12,800 ISO range which adapts better to telescope shooting, manual shutter (bulb) mode with a range of preset shutter speeds and a an “astro noise reduction” filter in its included Capture NX-D software.

Nikon D810A Top View
Other specifications of the new D810A includes a 36.1 megapixel sensor, an electronic front curtain shutter mode to minimize vibration and an magnesium alloy body. No pricing details were announced with the D810A, however the original D810 goes for $3300 (body only), so you can expect it to come with pricing in that same range.

[Source: Engadget]

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