Nintendo 3DS expected to do good in 2014

It might be the only console that Nintendo current have with market share, and the company doesn’t seem to have any changes planned for the portable gaming device.

Nintendo 3DSThe Nintendo 3DS has been doing good on the software front, according to the Japanese-based company shared that the combined physical and eShop 3DS software sales managed to touch the 16 million unit mark last year, which is 45 percent year-on-year increase over sales from the previous year.

The company didn’t do so bad either on the hardware side, according to reports by the company they managed to hit 11.5 million units just in the US alone. Nintendo of America’s executive VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Moffitt has also shared that the 3DS happens to be a “powerhouse”, and boasted that “the best days of Nintendo 3DS are still to come.”

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