Nintendo DSi hits Japan Tomorrow

Nintendo DSiNintendo has confirmed that the DSi will be on sale in Japan tomorrow Saturday, Nov 1st,2008 and will hit other countries by summer of next year. Nintendo made sure they are prepared for the Japan launch of the DSi by shipping 200,000 of the DSi to retailers all over the country.

Another 100,000 is to be shipped next week after the launch. The new DSi comes with a few extra features that the existing DS was lacking, such as the capability to take pictures, play music and it is much slimmer than the current model.

In Japan sales of the existing DS has dropping 64 percent in the period between April and September 2008 while worldwide DS sales went up 3 percent, sending a message to Nintendo that the world outside Japan still crave the DS handheld.

In Japan the DSi Handheld will be retailed on Saturday for 18,900 yen ($192).


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