Nintendo Unveils the Wii U aka Wii 2 Gaming Console

It seems as if CES is to Smartphone and Mobile Communication as E3 is to Gaming Consoles, In addition to the new Sony PlayStation Vita another Gaming Console was also unveiled at the E3 2011 Trade Show. The new device is the successor of the Wii, the Nintendo Wii U aka Project Cafe or Wii 2. The new console features some wicked new features which includes a full HD interface thus enabling HD Game Play with a 1080p output plus users will love the new 6-inch touchscreen controller. The full specifications hasn’t been unveiled just yet but after seeing the demo we have learned a few things about the new Nintendo Wii U consoles. To continue discussing its Wicked features, it will be able to stream the device images and game player to the 6-inch display on the touchscreen remote thus transforming it into a stand-alone handheld device plus it will also be compatible with most Wii accessories including the Wii Remote and even the Wii Fit board. As soon as the full details are released we will have them ready for you guys.

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