Nintendo Wii Mini Gets Taken Apart

The new Nintendo Wii Mini Console got taken apart but the guys over at iFixit had nothing to do with this, Tech wizards Digital Foundry have taken their screwdrivers to Nintendo’s new Wii Mini gaming console revealing all the components inside.

Nintendo Wii Mini ConsoleNintendo had to remove a few of the features that are included with the larger Wii, to keep the cost of the console down. One of the main features removed from the smaller Wii Mini is its wireless connectivity, but during the teardown by Digital Foundry they failed to even get the console online using a Wii USB Ethernet Adapter.

There’s more sad news for the Nintendo Wii Mini, in addition to no internet connection the Wii Mini also doesn’t support any kind of component cables, and only supports composite cables, the red, white and yellow cables that you might be familiar with from the SNES console.

Nintendo Wii Mini Teardown

Wii Mini Console

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