Nintendo Wii Mini will cost £80 in the UK

Nintendo is prepping the launch of its Wii Mini Gaming Console on the UK market, according to various sources on the internet including Amazon UK, the gaming console will retail for the price of £80. Nintendo will release the console on the market starting March 22nd.

Nintendo Wii Mini ConsoleThe Nintendo Wii Mini is basically a compact version of the original Wii console, it was stripped down to make more of a space saver. The Wii Mini also loses some of the features of its bigger brother, it won’t have internet connectivity, as both WiFi and Ethernet are gone, the full version of the console retails for £40 more at £120.

Even though it doesn’t have the ability to be connected to the internet, it might get popular as the company has a large catalog of games for the Wii Mini, the catalog consist of over 1,000 games and with a £80 price tag it could become a popular console for the holiday season.

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