Nissan’s new BladeGlider Electric Sportscar is ideal for a superhero

I’ve never been the type of person to get overly excited when there’s an awesome prototype on my screen, however if Nissan manages to get this really cool electric sportscar on the production line, I’m gonna try to be one of the first that pre-orders. Nissan just revealed its new electric sportscar dubbed the Nissan BladeGlider, even though it might look similar to the Batmobile, its not but right up that alley.

Nissan BladeGliderThe futuristic sportscar was designed with speed in mind, it features a carbon fiber-covered body which is shaped like a rocket with a narrow nose and has a wider rear. It was designed to fit only two passengers in which one is the driver, plus the car comes with speed beyond your imagination they also decided to add an anti drunk-driving tech, and according to Nissan, the rear tires will be fitted with in-wheel electric motors powered by lithium-ion batteries.

It’s lightweight design enables the sportscar to be energy efficient; it uses less energy than the company’s popular electric vehicle, the Leaf EV. Looking at the image of the device above, you might think its only a concept but Nissan says that the car is much more than that, even calling it an “exploratory prototype” that it wishes to bring to production.

If the Nissan BladeGlider Electric Sportscar ever goes into production, it might be a few years ahead of us. The company says that they have a prototype ready to be showed off at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show in late November.

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