No Price Cut for the PS3 Planned as Yet

Sony plans to launch its new PlayStation 4 console later this year, due to this news many gamers who have not purchased a PS3 yet are looking forward to some price cuts in the near future, however those gamers will have sometime to wait for a cheaper PS3 as Sony has no plans at the moment for a price cut on its consoles.

Slim PS3 ConsoleAccording to the PlayStation UK’s marketing director, Fergal Gara, the company presently has no plans for a PS3 price cut as yet. Gara further stated that “The PlayStation 3 is a system where it hasn’t been particularly easy to get the costs down,” so that explains it.

The company is continuing to see what they can do on that end, but a price cut on the console won’t be soon. The PS3 retails for about $300 while the upcoming PS4 will be priced at $400 when its released later this year, you might as well just save up and buy the new PlayStation 4 and forget about the PS3.

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