Nokia Tattoo

Nokia Files Patent for Vibrating Tattoos

Nokia Tattoo
A year down the road, we could see a whole new method of unlocking your phone which also allows exclusive use to the owner alone. Nokia recently filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a ferromagnetic material which could be used in the future to connect owners to their mobile devices.

The ferromagnetic material can be sprayed, stamped or even tattooed on the user’s body, giving them exclusively use to their mobile phones. This new ferromagnetic material will allow the user to activate their smartphones within a specific range of the device plus it will also serve as an alert for text messages or incoming calls by simply vibrating under the user’s skin.

Nokia recently shed some light on the ferromagnetic material saying “it vibrates in a multitude of ways when a message, phone call, low battery indication or several other alerts are received by the tattoo from a Nokia phone. The magnetic field can cause of multitude of different vibrations.” They also noted that an extra level of security can also be added to make the mark invisible, for users who doesn’t want visible marks on their body.

The new Nokia Vibrating Tattoo will allow users to have instant access to their mobile phones without the need for any password input as the tattoo will become the key to getting access to Nokia devices.

[via Nokia Connects]

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