Nokia X reaches 1 Million Pre-orders in China

During the MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Spain Nokia introduced three new smartphones which would be running the Android operating system instead of Windows that we have grown accustom to, the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and the Nokia XL. All three new smartphones are considered to be low-end devices, which makes them more like a test of the Android market for Nokia.

nokia xShortly after debuting the debuting the handset at the Mobile World Congress, they also revealed that he Nokia X handset would not be seeing a release in key markets like the US, Canada, Japan, and South Korea. Instead it would be in released in countries such as Malaysia and China. It turns out they were on the money, as it turns out that the handset is doing really good so far in China.

Even though they are the most anticipated android devices for the year, Nokia just announced that the Nokia X has achieved approximately 1 million pre-orders in China. The news was made public via Nokia’s official Weibo account, where they posted the image embedded above stating that the handset has reached 1 million pre-orders.

The Nokia X is currently on pre-order in China for 599 yuan which is around $97, however it’s has a higher price tag in Malaysia which is around $121.

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