Novero Victoria Jewelry Luxury Bluetooth for Ladies

Novero Victoria Jewelry Luxury Bluetooth
Novero has introduced its newest products in its Victoria Collection Lineup, they are namely the Victoria Jewelry Luxury Bluetooth Headsets aimed specially at ladies. These four fashionable bluetooth headsets includes the Victoria Lapis, Victoria Pearl, Victoria Stripes and the Victoria Wave, all of these bluetooth headsets are ultra-expensive and are made with gemstones and precious metals using a technique called pavé, which means “to pave.”

Firstly the Victoria Lapis sports a blue stone dusted with gold pyrite, the Victoria Pearl is handmade gold, the Victoria Stripes is made from Black silicone with brushed gold and the Victoria Wave sports a white and blue pendant. They also announced an additional headset which is called the Victor which was designed for men, it clips onto the shirt or jacket and features a discrete pendant that travels around the neck. The collection is expected to launch during the summer in North America, Europe and Asia and attracts which could amount up to $120,000. See the photo of the Victoria Pearl and Victoria Wave after the break.

Victoria Pearl and Victoria Wave


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