Nude Selfies Discovered on Old Phones

Many smartphone users will snap a photo of just about anything, their meals prior to eating them, their new car but some will even use it to snap sexy and nude images of themselves, but what happens when they decide to no longer use that phone. Deleting the images might be the most logic or the most standard step for the average user, however publicly available forensic security tools have the ability to extract deleted images from second-hand handsets.

Oscar Selfie
This new availability of advantage security tools allowed thousands of photos to be recovered from factory factory-wiped phones. Including these photos are nude selfies of previous owners. Not only that, Avast, a security firm that is based in the Czech Republic also unrevealed that emails to text messages and Google searches can also be recovered using the security tool.

According to security experts, there’s one sure way of ensuring that all your information is erased from previous handsets and that’s by destroying it, which would include burning the device or simply smashing it to bits.

Older handsets that take the “factory reset” option will just erase the indexing of the data, while the data itself remains. According to Avast, 40,000 stored photos were reclaimed from 20 phones that were picked up from eBay, and over 750 of those happen to be ladies who were in different stages of undress, while another 250 selfies have been described to be “what appears to be the previous owner’s manhood”.

[Source: Ubergizmo]

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