NVIDIA intros Wired 3D Vision Glasses at $99

NVIDIA intros Wired 3D Vision Glasses
[Computex 2011] NVIDIA’s 3D Vision series of devices has been around for a while now and yesterday May 29 the company announced the newest addition to its series, it is the NVIDIA 3D Vision Wired Glasses. According to the company this new product delivers the same award winning 3D Vision Quality users are accustom to and it will go for even a lower price than other 3D Vision Glasses. It is aimed at PC Gamers looking to play 3D games on their gaming rig. It reply on the same IR Sync technology as the wireless version but instead it is powered by a 10 USB Cable that bring both the data and power. These active shutter glasses may not be ideal for users in the living room but will fit in just perfect with the PC gamers or those who wants to watch a Blu-ray or DVD in 3D from their laptop. The new Wired 3D Vision Active shutter glasses were unveiled at Computex 2011 and are expected to be released in late June for the price of $99 which is way cheaper that the wireless version.

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