NXZT Sentry 2 Touchscreen PC Fan Controller

NXZT Sentry 2
NXZT has just added a new unit to their wide range of products, the new unit is the NXZT Sentry 2 which is a touchscreen PC Fan Controller.

The Sentry 2 PC fan controller can be installed in a 5.25 inch drive bay, say bye bye to overheating PCs. The PC fan controller features five fan control speed via its touch interface along with specs like temperature display in both F and C, Automatic and manual modes of control and is compatible with any PC fan that uses voltage control. See full specs after the jump

NXZT Sentry 2

Full Specs

* Touch screen interface
* Five fan control through an intuitive interface
* Ultra fast selection and response time
* Display temperatures in both F and C
* Light switch turns off the meter when sleeping
* Automatic and manual modes of control
* Full compatibility with all types of fans using voltage control
* With a minimum of at least 10 Watts per channel, the Sentry 2 will support almost all high end fans
* Tuned accuracy with only a tolerance of one degree
* Sound alarm to alert when the temperature is over
* Stored settings, the Sentry keeps your settings even after power off


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