NYC to convert old Payphones into free WiFi Hotspots

The city of New York has an awesome plan to convert nearly 7,000 Old payphones into Wi-Fi hotspots. The plan is to provide citywide Wi-Fi to the public for free, and they plan to pay for the free service by placing ads on the side of the payphone booths.

linknyc wifi booth
The city of New York is calling it the LinkNYC program, which will offer gigabyte-speed Wi-Fi to users in the city at no cost, speed so fast users will be able to download a 2-hour movie in less than 30 seconds. At least that’s what they want, but speeds may vary depending on how many people are using the network simultaneously.

The goal is to have the first of the new links up and running in 2015 with the eventual goal of blanketing all five boroughs of the city with free Wi-Fi access points. Once the old payphone booths are converted they will become Wi-Fi hotspots capable of broadcasting signal 150 feet away, they will also have a charging station, which you can use for charging your phone or other devices using a USB cable.

There is also the plan of adding phone calling service to the links, you will be able to make calls to any US number for free without even needing a quarter, as the old booths did.

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