OCZ Gold Series 4GB DDR3 and 8GB dual-channel kits

OCZ Gold Series DDR3
OCZ unveils its all new “Gold Series,” 4GB (4096MB) modules and 8GB dual-channel kits for current and next generation platforms. The Gold Series offers the option to maximize system RAM with a single solution, it will deliver superior performance and multi-tasking for high-end PCs, workstation or gaming PCs.

The new OCZ Gold Series 4GB modules and 8GB kits are engineered specifically for memory-demanding applications and intensive design and editing software. OCZ Gold Series 4GB modules 8GB Dual Channel kits run at 1333MHz CAS 9, operating at a low-voltage specification of 1.65 volts, both are optimized for P55,H55, and H57 Chipsets and features a Gold Layered Z3 XTC Heatspreader.

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