Okoro RK Entertainment Servers

Okoro RK Entertainment Server
Okoro Media Systems has announced the launch of their new line of RK Entertainment Servers. These are rack mounted servers that are powered by Intel’s i7 processors with each unit having at least 6GB or RAM, 2TB hard drive and a 80GB SSD just for the Operating System alone.

Each unit also has a Blu-ray Drive and solutions like Satellite and Cable HD premium HD capabilities via HDPVR, Full Multimedia Libraries and Multi-zone Audio controlled via UMPC or MID for SAGE TV.

Plus the solutions that comes with Windows Media Center such as Multi CableCARD Tuners, Multi-zone Audio controlled via UMPC or MID and Multi-zone Audio controlled by existing Russound or Nuvo house audio system.

via [okoro] and [itech]

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