Olympus LS-20M Handheld HD Camcorder and Linear PCM Recorder

Olympus LS-20M Handheld HD Camcorder
Olympus introduces its new rugged-looking HD video camera dubbed the Olympus LS-20M. Its basically a HD video and Linear PCM recorder which should make a really great alternative for those who misses the Flip. It is expected to sport a 2-inch LCD Main Display with a 1.46-inch LCD display below for data such as recording time, audio level and the device’s battery life. It comes with four Magic Movie settings which includes Rock, Sketch, Pinhole and Pop.

Other noteworthy specifications of the Olympus LS-20M includes an auto-focus lens, a 4x digital zoom and its ability to record HD videos with a 1080p resolution. The LS-20M also comes with the capability to record at 24 bit/96 HHz Linear PCM stereo sound which is much better than that of a compact disc, it has a neat voice-activation feature that enable the device to automatically start recording when certain levels of sound is reached, it has no built-in memory but they have added a 2GB card. The Olympus LS-20M gets a durable black and silver body, at 5.4 ounces it should be quite easy to carry. Expect to see the LS-20M on shelves in June for a market suggested price of $299.

Source: ChipChic

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