One Laptop Per Child XO-3 8-inch Ruggedized Laptop at CES 2012

OLPC XO 3.0 Tablet Computer
[CES 2012] In 2007, the “One Laptop Per Child” foundation (OLPC) unveiled the low-cost laptop computers for education in areas around the world that lacked such resources for learning and development, the XO-1 Laptop. At the CES 2012, the foundation plans to unveil an ungraded model, the latest XO-3 model. It features a tablet-inspired design that plays host to an 8-inch touchscreen display that can be viewed in direct sunlight and has a 1024×768 pixel resolution, there’s an ruggedized exterior to prevent damage in-case of accident drops and low power consumption.

The Tablet-inspired laptop is powered by a Marvell Armada PXA618 processor, 512MB of RAM, can be configured with Sugar (OLPC’s own Linux operating system for kids) or Android OS, and the device will be powered by a solar panel or by cranking. The hand crank will be a third party accessory that won’t be shipped with the laptop, the hand crank will provide 10 minutes of runtime from one minute of cranking.

The One Laptop Per Child XO-3 8-inch Ruggedized Laptop will not be sold directly to consumers or parents, but to countries who wants to ensure that their children have computers. The computers will be produced according to orders and will go as low as $100 per unit. It will be unveiled at the CES 2012 starting on January 10th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

One Laptop Per Child XO-3

One Laptop Per Child XO-3 Camera

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