One Million Kinects in only 10 Days

Microsoft has announced record sales on the Xbox Gaming Accessory, the Kinect. Microsoft has a target of 5 million units and has sold 1 million in its opening 10 days.

Microsoft estimates that there are approximately 45 million Xbox 360 owners out there, so there should be a few more sales in the coming weeks. Presently am a PlayStation 3 guy and after seeing the first Kinect ad, I am certain I will be getting an Xbox 360 and the Kinect on Black Friday or for the Holiday.

Well a lot might think that there are too many lazy gamers out there, who prefer to tap the controllers that get up and get active. Microsoft should say thanks to Nintendo for coming out with the Wii and introducing motion gaming controls because that is what has paved the way for the success in sales that the Kinect is about to experience.

Another reason why the Kinect didn’t get a much more favorable response is because a lot of hardcore gamers who prefer first shooter has not found a game on the Kinect of their liking, so with upcoming releases like Gear of War should also spike sales up a bit.

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