OneDrive now offers 15GB of Free Storage

Microsoft is hitting back at competitors in the cloud storage business, the company’s service which was formerly known as SkyDrive is cutting down on prices and even giving more cloud storage for free. Microsoft announced that it’s OneDrive Cloud Storage now offers a whopping 15GB of free storage, bringing it up to the level of what Google Drive is offering.

microsoft onedrive
The company announced that it will start offering 15GB of cloud to everyone that signs on, up from 7GB. If you were one of the pioneers that got 25GB of storage free, this doesn’t affect you. In addition to providing more free storage, the company also cut their prices by offering 100GB and 200GB tiers of storage at $1.99 and $3.99, respectively, from the original prices of $7.49 and $11.49.

Well, this is a significant decrease of prices that falls right in-line with Google Drive prices, however making it difficult for other services such as Dropbox who is still offering the same services at $9.99 and $19.99 for those two tiers. Microsoft says the price changes will occur over the next month, other providers like Dropbox will now have to reduce their prices because no one will pay for services at those prices when they are cheaper elsewhere.

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