OnePlus 55-inch QLED TV Hinted on Twitter

OnePlus TV

For years we have associated the brand name OnePlus with affordable high-end smartphones. However, the company appears to be shifting focus and expanding its product line.

OnePlus next major product is expected to be a 55-inch QLED Smart TV. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer hinted at its production on its official Twitter profile. OnePlus plans to release its first Smart TV models this year and has already started teasing customers with hints.

The first product was hinted dubbed OnePlus TV. It should be a 55-inch QLED model with rumors stating India will be the first market for the large screen TV.

In a tweet for handle OnePlus India, the company hinted at the first specs, official name, logo and a URL where you can opt-in to be updated.

Name and screen size aside, the tweet indicated that OnePlus will be utilizing QLED display technology. This might be an indication of the company’s intention to use Samsung panels in the development of the OnePlus Smart TV.

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