Opera Mobile Store reaches over 100 Million Visitors

The company behind the Opera Mobile Browser is now celebrating a milestone for its Opera Mobile App Store, after they recently announced that their app store now receives over 100 million visitors per month. The Opera Mobile App Store offers a variety of apps available for different platforms, which could be one of the main factors why they receive that much visitors on a monthly basis.

OperaThe platforms include all of the popular one: Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian, iOS and hopefully they will be adding Windows Phone OS too. The Opera Mobile App Store is currently the fifth-largest mobile app store in the world and now they made the announcement that they have hit 105 million visitors a month, this is a good sign of growth for the company.

Lars Boilesen, the CEO of Opera Software says, “In just over two years, the Opera Mobile Store has shown strong growth – from 18 million monthly visitors to 100 million, and has seen a fivefold increase in the number of apps offered. The compression technology in Opera’s browsers, combined with the broad portfolio of apps in the Opera Mobile Store across many different platforms, have resulted in massive adoption of the store worldwide.”

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