Opera unveils new “Ice” Mobile Web Browser

Opera Mobile BrowserOpera recently revealed a new mobile browser which might just change your views on all mobile browsers, it goes by the name Opera Ice. The new Ice browser is a collaboration between Opera and fellow tech site Pocket-lint, which they have been working on for quite sometime now.

According to Opera, they have dropped the Presto platform for the WebKit layout engine software, which is also used by Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome browsers. According to the guys over at Pocket-lint, a video was shown at an internal meeting before Christmas, where the CEO of Opera, Lars Boilesen outlined the company’s strategy for 2013 and afterwards a demo of the new browser which runs the WebKit platform showcased.

Opera Ice will also ditch all buttons and instead use gestures to control key elements like forwards and backwards. Boilesen also hinted the company is focusing on releasing the new full touch and tablet compatible browser for iOS and Android devices in February.

[Source: Pocket-lint]

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