Optomo EcoBright ZW210ST and ZX210ST Lamp-Free Illumination Projectors

Optomo EcoBright ZW210ST and ZX210ST
Optomo USA has unveiled its new line of Lamp-free Solid State Illumination Projectors, the EcoBright ZW210ST and ZX210ST. Both Projectors comes from the company’s EcoBright series and are based on Solid State Illumination (SSI) technology “that incorporates both LEDs and lasers to deliver high-lumen output and vibrant color reproduction, while reducing power consumption and waste. The lamp-free design saves time and money in lamp, filter and maintenance costs”.

The different between both projectors is that the ZW210ST, features a 1280X768 resolution while the ZX210ST delivers XGA resolution. Other than those differences, the projectors shares other similarities such as a 80,000:1 contrast ratio, a 2000 LED lumens brightness, they both feature SSI technology enabling them to use 30-40% less energy plus they both have USB ports and an SD memory card slot for a PC-less presentation.

Optoma EcoBright ZW210ST and ZX210ST Lamp-free Solid State Illumination Projectors
The EcoBright ZW210ST and ZX210ST has a built-in MS Office Viewer and media player for showing documents and playing media files directly from its 2GB internal memory, USB Flash Drive in the USB ports or SD/SDHC memory cards.

The projectors also comes with connectivity options such as an HDMI, VGA In and Out, S-Video, Composite and RJ-45 ports, no pricing details were found.

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