Oreo 3D Custom Colored and Flavored Cookies printed at SXSW

The makers of Oreo Cookies were also at SXSW showing off new and upcoming technology, and during the annual event the cookie makers proved that 3D printing isn’t just for making super-cool toys but can also produce super delicious treats as well. Oreo used 3D printing technology to print out cookies in a bunch of custom flavors, which were later served up to attendees at the event.

colored oreoThe best part is now they decided which flavors to print up. Oreo used a “Trending Vending Machine” that uses social media to determine which flavors and color combination to print up. The machine responsible for creating these works of art, was a dream created by technology design firm and innovation lab MAYA Design, all users needed to do was select their cookie configuration from a touchscreen panel.

After making their selection, the Trending Vending Machine then prints out their customized cookie, ready to eat. This was a very great concept, who knows what other food they will think of printing next….

[Source: NewLaunches]

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