Outlook.com has hit 60 million users and exists Beta

Microsoft has announced that its new email service, Outlook.com, which replaces Hotmail is now out of beta mode. The company also announced that the email service now have over 60 million users, and it only took them six months to achieve this milestone.

Outlook.comThey have also said that they expect their existing Hotmail to be upgraded to the new Outlook.com by the end of the summer, although Hotmail users can choose to upgrade to the service now. If you would like to find out more about the new email service from Microsoft head over to their office blog.

We’ve been very excited by the adoption of the preview and how it’s delivering on our promise of a new, reimagined email service. Throughout the preview, we learned a tremendous amount from seeing how people used the service. Early adopters have told us what they liked, what they’d like to see next, and what we needed to do to make more people switch. And we’ve used that to add new features and fine-tune the services to scale. Now that Outlook.com is coming out of preview, we’ll be kicking off a huge push across a number of countries around the world to drive even greater awareness and adoption of Outlook.com. Our goal is to make people everywhere aware of the new and compelling features provided by Outlook.com and to make it easy for them to give Outlook.com a try as a new email service.

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