OUYA Gaming Console

OUYA Moves into China after receiving $10M Alibaba Investment

OUYA Gaming Console
Android Gaming console OUYA has confirmed a move onto the Chinese market after receiving a $10 Million dollar investment from Chinese company Alibaba. The company announced that they will be launching the failing Android Gaming platform on the China market in the coming months, and will be included on Alibaba’s Tmall set-top box.

“There’s plenty of opportunities for game developers, globally. Up until recently, western developers focused on the U.S. market because it’s what they know. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where the greatest growth is. For Ouya, there’s plenty of opportunity markets that include China, India, Latin America and elsewhere. Julie Uhrman, OUYA CEO explained.

Recode has an interview with the Ouya CEO and Alibaba’s spokesperson Samantha Verdile, which should answer your questions on the company’s plans in China.

[Via: Recode]

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