Over $100,000 Worth Of iPhone 5 was Stolen in Japan

Apple just launched its new iPhone 5 in a number of countries around the world, and the company just suffered some losses but not so much, apparently more than $100,000 worth of iPhone 5 handsets were stolen in Japan ahead of the phone’s launch.

Black iPhone 5According to reports by WSJ, both Softbank and KDDI AU (carriers in Japan) were victims of the burglaries in which robbers made off with more than $100,000 worth of Appleā€™s iPhone 5s.

Law Enforcement Officers have no idea if the robberies were connected, but a total of 191 iPhone 5s were stolen in three separate incidents that took place in Osaka Japan.

Law Enforcement still have no leads on where the handsets are located, but its safe to say that they are off to be sold on the black market in a different country.

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