OWC Envoy Pro mini

OWC Envoy Pro Mini USB 3.0 SSD Drive Unveiled at CES 2015

During CES 2015, Other World Computing (OWC) unveiled a new pocket-sized solid state drive in the form of the OWC Envoy Pro Mini. The new SSD comes fitted with a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Drive hosted within a compact thumb drive casing for easy carrying.

OWC Envoy Pro mini
OWC will be offering the new USB 3.0 SSD drive in two sizes; either 120GB for the price $119 or the 240GB version goes for $199. OWC also that they are currently working on developing a super 480GB Envoy Pro Mini drive which they have intensions of launching later this year.

During testing and development, the OWC Envoy Pro Mini was able to sustain transfer speeds of up to 433MB per second. No availability details for the Envoy Pro Mini has been announced but you can visit Other World Computing website for more info.

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