Martin Jetpack

P12 Martin Jetpack Launches 2016 at $200,000

If you have always wanted to own a jetpack, then the P12 Martin Jetpack is set to be released next year for a massive price tag of $200,000. The P12 Martin was unveiled in 2013 and is capable of flying at an average speed of 35 mph, at an altitude of about 5,000 feet for about 30 minutes.

Martin Jetpack
The futuristic jetpack will be available sometime in 2016, and according to reports, the company is now developing a model that can carry two riders, even though specifications or design details has not been unveiled. Martin Jetpack is the world’s first practical jetpack, set to revolutionize the industries of aviation, recreation and transportation.

The retail date and pricing details were announced during an press event where it was also announced that Hong Kong-based investment fund KuangChi Science has invested $50 million in funding into the company to keep it on track.

If you wish you known more about the world’s first practical jetpack, then you can visit the company’s official website as well as the option to pre-order your jetpack close to its launch next year. See footage of the Martin Jetpack in action below!

Highlights of the 5000 feet flight!

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