Review: PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED Light

PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED
Introducing the PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED Light from Tempa-AltusLumen. The company recently launched the product and decided that Loopy Gadgets should get a first look at the eco-friendly LED lamp.

AltusLumen was really thinking of the environment when they added this to their production lines, the main housing is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum and polycarbonate. The PAD-L is 75% recyclable at the end of its useful life. Now lets get into the specs, the PAD-L features swivel cover which acts as a stand for hand-free lighting when reading a book, seeing your computer keyboard in the dark or even use it in your tent on that annual camping trip, no matter where it is also excellent lighting tool for traveling and
hiking, fishing, cycling, photo shooting and preparedness.

Not only the materials that was used in production makes it eco-friendly but the PAD-L is 40% more power efficient and 10 time more durable than fluorescent bulb. More after the jump

The PAD-L is Weatherproof and will withstand indoor or outdoor use. It is perfect to carry for its light weight, measures only 115x66x17mm and weighs 98grams without the batteries.

Above is examples of how the PAD-L can stand.

PAD-L is powered by replaceable 4xAAA batteries where rechargeable batteries and last up to 100 hours. The PAD-L also has a power management system that will flash the LED when battery level is low. You can get one of these for a retail price of USD39.90.

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